Why We're Vegan: 4 Reasons to Choose Vegan Leather

Why We're Vegan: 4 Reasons to Choose Vegan Leather

4 Reasons to Choose Vegan Leather Over the Real Thing

Earth- and animal-friendly fashions are finally becoming mainstream. Just take a look at Paris Fashion Week where big-name designers, like Stella McCartney, unveiled designs that are constructed out of alternative leather materials. Not to mention, we’re gearing up to see the innovative designs at Vegan Fashion Week.

We’re here for it! We love that more and more designers are getting creative when choosing the materials they use for their products. After all, it’s something Pixie Mood has been doing for over a decade!

Don’t think you’re making a compromise by choosing vegan leather either. It’s a truly great alternative to traditional leather. Here’s why.

It’s Cruelty-Free

Faux leather is cruelty-free. No animals are harmed in the process of creating vegan leather, but it goes further than that. It’s cruelty-free in regards to its impact on the earth as well.

Most animal leather is treated with harmful chemicals during the tanning process that can leak into the water supply and harm the eco-system. Not to mention all the greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with animal agriculture.

Vegan leather avoids all that so you can enjoy fashion guilt-free.

It’s More Affordable Than Traditional Leather

Traditional animal leather is labor-intensive to create. That’s one of the reasons why some handbags are so expensive. Leather alternatives aren’t nearly as labor intensive, making them more affordable while maintaining the same good quality.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! Today’s vegan leather is so good it’s easy to mistake it for the real thing. Faux leather handbags are durable, have the same luxurious quality and just as gorgeous as those that are made out of animal leather.

It’s Made Out of Eco-Conscious Materials

It really is amazing how unexpected materials can be completely transformed into beautiful no-leather leather.

At Pixie Mood, we have diverted over one million plastic bottles from landfills. We use fabric that is made out of plastic bottles in the lining of our bags, but we also create entire lines of vegan leather handbags that are made out of recycled materials.

Faux leather can also be made out of some materials you would never guess. It can be made out of pineapple leaves and apple peels. At Pixie Mood, we use cork too! It's the only material that can be harvested without killing the tree. It's also biodegradable, making it a material that will easily and harmlessly degrade when it finally ends up in the landfill.

It’s Easy to Clean at Home

Traditional leather can be a pain in the butt to clean. It requires different methods and products depending on the type of leather or stain you're dealing with. If you mess it up, that expensive leather is ruined, which is why it’s usually a good idea to take animal leather accessories and clothing to a dry cleaner.

Faux leather is way easier to take care of. Not only is it weatherproof, but you can also clean it with a cloth and soapy water—simple as that, no expensive trip to the dry cleaners needed.

Seeing is believing! Get your hands on a Pixie Mood vegan leather handbag and see the value in using alternative material – just how luxurious, durable, and guilt-free it really is. You may never go back to traditional animal leather again!

Pixie Mood - Violet Bucket Shoulder Bag in Chestnut Shearling