ON sustainability.

Recycled Materials + Ethical Manufacturing
= Ethical Goods


Recycled Bottle Lining

Starting with our Spring-Summer 2020 collection, our lining is made using 100% recycled bottles. So far, We have helped divert over 2,500,000+ plastic bottles from landfills.


Our cork fabric is sustainably harvested from oak trees in rural Portugal. Cork oak trees are the only trees where bark can be removed and the tree will continue to grow for 200 years or more. This 100% natural, biodegradable material is used frequently in our bags. This highly sustainable material is 100% natural, biodegradable and can be found used in a number of our bags, such as the Nicole Pouch.

Recycled Vegan Leather

Recycled Vegan Leather is a sustainable and eco-conscious material made from recycled plastic bottles. We have stopped over 2,500,000+ plastic bottles from entering landfills, minimizing our environmental impact and helping us be kinder to the earth.

Solvent-Free Vegan Leather

Solvent-free vegan leather is developed with sustainability in mind. It is produced through a safer manufacturing process with lower energy consumption and waste, making it gentler on the planet and people.

Recycled Canvas

Virgin cotton production relies heavily on water and agrochemicals, which can lead to water contamination, soil degradation or health concerns for farmers and their neighbourhoods. By recycling existing cotton and skipping this process, the use of energy, water and chemicals are greatly reduced when making recycled canvas fabric.

Recycled Vegan Shearling

Our vegan shearling is 100,000% vegan, sustainable and of course, cruelty-free. Made with recycled polyester, it's time to add this eco-conscious, cozy accent to your wardrobe to keep up with the teddy trends while being kind to the people, the planet and the animals.

Recycled Vegan Wool

Our ongoing commitment to the community puts people and the planet as our top priorities. We wanted to offer something fit for a warmer, yet formal look and decided we were ready to introduce our vegan wool alternative. Made with recycled polyester with a subtle herringbone pattern, vegan wool never looked and felt so good.


Our hardware is compliant with the European Union REACH standard, which regulates chemicals for their potential impact on humans and the environment.


Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, is so last decade. All our bags and accessories are made from only the highest quality vegan leather. Our vegan leather is typically lighter than animal leather, plus it has a lower environmental impact than other vegan alternatives like PVC. Vegan leather is also more durable than PVC, and it works especially well in colder climates.

RFID Protection

Our wallets, wristlets, and travel organizers use RFID-blocking technology to ensure your private information is kept that way.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) card readers can steal credit and debit card information in seconds without contact, from as far as 15m away, even through purses and shopping bags. This stolen information can then be used to purchase goods or may even be sold online to others.

RFID-blocking technology blocks wireless signals from card readers so that your information cannot be detected.


Carbon Offsetting

Why be neutral when you can be positive?

Pixie Mood is proud to be officially climate positive thanks to our partnership with TerraPass.

Here’s how it works:

TerraPass funds a variety of projects to destroy greenhouse gasses and produce renewable energy including using animal waste to generate electricity, converting landfill emissions, harnessing wind power and capturing methane emissions from abandoned coal mines.

In 2020, we began our partnership with TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions we’ve produced since our founding in 2010, and to be able to offer our customers carbon neutral shipping at no extra cost.

On January 1, 2021, we became officially climate positive. That means with every order we ship, we create an environmental benefit by helping remove carbon from our atmosphere.

Visit TerraPass.com to learn more.

Biodegradable Packaging

In 2020, our biodegradable, corn-based packaging debuted as a sustainable alternative to plastic.

EPE Foam

Some of our products are packaged in EPE foam to help protect them and retain their shape. Unlike standard foam, EPE foam is 100% recyclable — so please recycle your EPE foam after you unwrap your new bag!


Worker & Safety Rights

Pixie Mood takes worker rights and safety rights seriously. We understand the importance of providing our customers with products that are produced in a legal and socially responsible manner.

We test all our materials annually to ensure they meet the California Prop 65 standard.

We also visit our manufacturers yearly, and we require them to agree and adhere to strict standards for the production of the merchandise we sell. The standards include prohibitions on child and forced labour, as well as treating workers with respect and fair wages.

We ensure:

  • No Forced Labour: No use of forced labour, whether it is prison, indentured or bonded labour.
  • No Child Labour: No person younger than 15 years of age shall be employed.
  • No Harassment or Abuse: All employees shall be treated with respect and dignity. No employee shall be subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse.
  • Health and Safety: Employers shall provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Wages and Benefits: Employers shall pay employees sufficient wages to meet at minimum their basic needs.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certified

We are proud to say that our recycled materials are all GRS certified! This means they have met stringent requirements on both environmental and social fronts, in order to be certified.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) establishes requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental management, and restrictions on the use of chemicals. The goal of GRS is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate damage caused by their production (Source: Interek).