Creative Director Chloe Ho's FW21 Favourites - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Creative Director Chloe Ho's FW21 Favourites - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Meet our co-founder and Creative Director Chloe Ho. Chloe left the corporate world a decade ago to pursue her passion for design. She now channels her love for all things style into the heart of Pixie Mood.

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Chloe and discuss her inspirations for the Fall/Winter 2021 collection. From contemporary art colour theory to the streets of New York, we spent the morning learning how she incorporates these elements into her own wardrobe, as well as her Pixie Mood creations.

"Heading into this autumn, I wanted to design some new sleek styles that will get our customers excited for dressing up and going out again. In addition to the causal and multifunctional bags that we will continue to offer, we are also including more sophisticated designs that will deliver that polished 'put-togetherness' that we’ve all been longing for over the past 18 months." - Chloe Ho


Creative Director Chloe Ho's FW21 Favourites


What was your design inspiration for Pixie Mood's FW21 collection?


CH: This season I’ve been inspired by the retro purse trend—especially from the 90’s. Baguette shapes and small sleek shoulder bags feel especially fresh to me right now. These sophisticated and sleek styles can pair with laid back, casual outfits to create a more put-together, elevated look and feel. Think French girl aesthetics: cool and natural, laid back but sophisticated.

What outfits do Pixie Mood’s FW21 collection pair well with?


CH: Pixie Mood's FW21 styles work well with simple, comfortable, yet thoughtful outfits. Our pieces can be paired with a range of on-trend looks from simple denim and a solid-coloured top to a sleek slip dress underneath a soft sweater. Or even this season’s flared jeans with a button-up blouse! The line offers many easy ways to enhance any outfit for a more polished look.


What is your favourite style in the collection and why?


CH: It's hard to choose just one! My favourites would have to be:

Bubbly Tote: as a new mom, this bag can fit and store both the baby's essentials and mine—while at the same time still look stylish!

Lexi Tech Pouch: I love how I can pack all my tech accessories like my mouse, cords, and USB drive into this one compact case. Even when I'm just working at home, this helps me feel organized with everything accessible in one place.

Mya Shoulder Bag: this style is so sophisticated and polished, yet is still casual enough to wear with jeans!



"The shapes are sharper, more angular and rigid, with a vintage touch that puts emphasis on short shoulder straps so the bags can be worn closer to the body. Of course, with versatility and functionality always at the top of my mind, these bags will also feature detachable, long crossbody straps." - Chloe Ho


What is your favourite fall activity?


CH: Taking long walks in forests, admiring the beautiful fall colours, and taking pictures of the breathtaking scenery. 


What is your favourite fall outfit?


CH: Cozy sweater on top of a silky slip dress and a pair of white sneakers.



Want to hear more about Chloe's design process or styling tips? Leave us a comment below with any questions you may have!