Pinktober Wrap-Up

Pinktober Wrap-Up

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink (and Every Other Day!)

#Pinktober is drawing to a close, but let's not put a stop to that enthusiasm just yet!

Our journey tied to Breast Cancer Awareness month, in collaboration with the incredible Women's College Hospital Foundation, has been nothing short of amazing. This campaign, much like our vegan handbags, is all about making a statement and staying strong - regardless of the season.

Our Partnership with the WCHF

Why Women's College Hospital? We chose to collaborate with Women's College Hospital Foundation because of the tireless efforts in providing healthcare for women, and their commitment to breast cancer research and prevention. Our partnership with the Women's College Hospital Foundation is all about their truly inspiring dedication to women's health and we're over the moon to be a part of their mission.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women, with one in eight women developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Thankfully with dedicated research, prevention, screening and innovations in treatment, there has been a decline in breast cancer since 1986. Let’s work together to keep this trend continuing! 

Erin Hauser, Senior Manager in Corporate Giving and Partners at Women’s College Hospital shares, “Pixie Mood’s core value is kindness, and kindness has been so present in every aspect of our collaboration. We greatly appreciate the incredible impact Pixie Mood and its customers are making towards Women’s College Hospital’s life-changing work in breast cancer research and care. Thank you for advancing women’s health and health equity!”

There's Still Time!

You can still shop & support until October 31st, and supporting a cause has never been this glamorous! 100% of net proceeds from every pink purchase you make, go directly to Women's College Hospital Foundation, in support of the Peter Gilgan Center For Women's Cancers. Our pink bags scream fashion-forward and eco-conscious. They're 100% vegan, made from recycled materials, and now, support the fight against breast cancer. 

That's a Wrap! (for now...)

So, although the autumn leaves might be falling, our commitment to spreading continuous awareness for this crucial cause is evergreen! Let's continue to carry this conversation beyond October and ensure that our commitment to breast cancer awareness isn't limited to a date on the calendar.

Stay tuned for the Total Donation Reveal!!