Pixie Mood's 12 Days of Giving - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Pixie Mood's 12 Days of Giving - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

As December is the official Month of Giving, we knew we wanted to give back to our community in a sustainable way. Starting on November 30, our 12 Days of Giving giveaway campaign began on Instagram and we teamed up with some incredible brands to make it happen. With the chance to win a collection of eco-conscious, wishlist-worthy prizes (as well as some of our bestselling Pixie Mood purses), this event was a huge success and we're so thankful for everyone who participated!


Home Goods



As a company, we wanted to align with brands that shared Our Values in the ways of sustainability, being vegan and/or cruelty-free and champions of ethical responsibility.

With this in mind, we were more than excited to partner with Dropps (@dropps), a company that creates completely biodegradable green cleaning products like laundry and dishwasher detergents. For eco-friendly, soy scented wax candles, we partnered with female-founded, Canadian powerhouses Mala The Brand (@malathebrand) and Mimi & August (@mimiandaugust). Four Sigmatic (@foursigmatic) crafts organic, plant-based coffee from mushrooms that is guaranteed to be both crash-free and delicious. And, for our last day, Coconut Bowls (@coconutbowls) supplied their bestselling starter bundles with coconut bowls, utensils and more!





From jewelry to phone cases, we included it all! Partnering with Pela Case (@pelacase) was a very exciting first for us, as they are known for their compostable phone cases that protect your phone with style. Teaming up with Chelsea King (@shopchelseaking) is something that we're no stranger to but we adore their effortless, ethical scrunchies which are handmade in Canada with love. We also share a similar sentiment towards Twenty Compass (@twentycompass), the stunning high-quality jewelry brand that proudly assembles each piece of theirs by hand in Montreal. 





Last but certainly not least, our beauty and clothing category! We couldn't wait to collaborate with Boyish Jeans (@boyishjeans), a sustainable brand that we always feel lucky to work with. They create premium cruelty-free denim that speaks to our values here at Pixie Mood. Additionally, Design.ME (@designmehair) is a Canadian brand that is 100% vegan (just like us!) who's focus is on innovative hair care products for everyone. Another amazing partnership was with LEZÉ The Label (@lezethelabel), a WOC-founded brand that designs buzz-worthy, recycled workleisure that is exceedingly comfortableyet still stylish.

To round everything off, it was an honour to work with Cheekbone Beauty (@cheekbonebeauty) for one of our final days of Giving. As an Indigenous-owned and founded Canadian cosmetics company making waves within the beauty community, we couldn't be prouder of everything they have achieved!


What a way to wrap up 2021! We're so excited for the partnerships we'll have in 2022 and can't wait to see what the New Year has in store for us.


Written by: Katie Ferreira



Katie Ferreira is the Social Media Specialist at Pixie Mood. Overseeing much of the team's communication and writing needs, she also manages and edits the blog. Outside of work, she loves reading, yoga and visiting the cottage in her downtime.