SLAY-CATION Essentials: The Ultimate Travel Guide

SLAY-CATION Essentials: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Choosing the Bag

Whether you're embarking on a spontaneous road trip, taking off for a weekend getaway, or catching a flight for a well-deserved break, your choice of bag is crucial. At Pixie Mood, we understand that different travel types require different features to keep you stylish and organized. With our latest collection of vegan leather handbags and accessories, you can pack your essentials with ease and embark on your Spring Break adventures with confidence. Plus, to sweeten the deal, we're currently offering free shipping on orders over $75, making it even easier for you to prepare for your SLAY-CATION. So, let's dive into our ultimate travel guide and ensure you're all set for a memorable journey ahead!


Road Trip/Day Trip

For those quick excursions or scenic drives, opt for a lightweight and versatile crossbody or backpack. Our spacious yet compact Hannah Backpack will comfortably hold your essentials without weighing you down, leaving you free to explore the open road.

Hannah Backpack


Weekend/Overnight Trip

When packing for a weekend escape, a roomy tote or a chic duffle bag is your perfect companion. Try out our new Olivia Tote, not only stylish but also durable enough to withstand your adventures. With ample space for clothing, toiletries, and many zip & slip compartments for your extra essentials, you'll be ready for your overnight getaway in no time.

olivia tote


Airport Trip

Navigating airports can be stressful, but with the right bag, it doesn't have to be. Choose a carry-on-compliant backpack or a sleek travel bag like the Amara Weekender to keep all the essential items that you'll need during the flight. Breeze through security checkpoints and keep your travel documents easily accessible with a crossbody (this usually counts as a personal item, and not a carry-on, however, we still suggest checking your airline's policies beforehand!) Options with multiple compartments to keep things organized such as the Daisy Crossbody are perfect. Our thoughtfully designed bags will make your airport experience as smooth and hassle-free as ever!


Packing Toiletries

Regardless of your destination, packing your toiletries efficiently is essential for a stress-free trip. Our Teagan Toiletry Case offers the perfect solution for organizing your skincare essentials with its spacious compartments and double zipper that allows you to access your bottles with ease. For your makeup needs, the Sienna is a must-have. With four Detachable mesh velcro pockets for optimal organizing - It conveniently rolls up into a compact case, secured with double elastic bands, that easily fits into any luggage. We made it easy to stay glam throughout your travels!


Organization is Key

When it comes to staying organized on your travels, Pixie Mood offers a range of accessories to keep your belongings in order. Our Blake Travel Jewelry Case is perfect for safely storing your favourite jewels and gems while on the move, with its compact yet functional design ensuring your jewelry stays untangled and protected. For smaller items like chargers, earphones, or travel documents, our Drea Pouches Set is an essential addition to your travel arsenal. With three different-sized pouches, you can easily separate and categorize your belongings, keeping your bag clutter-free and your items within reach. And don't forget about our versatile Kit Card Wristlet, designed to keep your cards, cash and keys together in one place. Yes, we really thought of everything, so you can travel confidently, allowing you to focus on making memories.


Our Essential Items

From clothing essentials to toiletries, we’ve curated this must-have checklist to ensure you're fully equipped for a seamless and stylish getaway. Here's your go-to guide for packing smart and travelling light!


Wherever your adventures take you, pixie mood has your back - literally!

With our versatile and sustainable vegan leather bags, your SLAY-CATION is bound to be unforgettable. Pack your essentials, organize your belongings, and embark on your journey with confidence and style. Wherever your adventures take you, Pixie Mood has your back – literally!

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