Style Story: Pixie Mood with @brit_o_honey - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Style Story: Pixie Mood with @brit_o_honey - Pixie Mood Vegan Leather Bags

Brittney, or @brit_o_honey on Instagram, is a California-based travel and thrifting enthusiast. She helped photograph our SS21 collection, so we wanted to reach back out to her to see what she was gifting over the holiday season—to no surprise, it was Pixie Mood!



One of my love languages is and always has been the act of “gift giving.” Surprising a special someone with something special lights me up. The mere feeling of finding that perfect gift, a gift that reminds you of one person, a gift that makes someone smile ear to ear…Gift giving instills memories and has the potential to create priceless moments.

Now, let me tell you, I am not someone who just buys a gift to buy a gift! Honestly, it does not really matter what time of year it is. If I see something that reminds me of someone I love, a gift that reflects them perfectly and what they enjoy, I will add it to my cart without hesitation! One click and we are on our way!

Pixie Mood with @brit_o_honey


I came across Pixie Mood a few years ago when I realized: I do not own a single good purse! Prior to discovering Pixie Mood, I would always carry around my wallet, shove my glasses in my back pocket or lose most of my personal items because I had no proper place to store my things. I have had my Pixie Mood Caitlin Tote Small for about a year now and I am absolutely still in LOVE with it. I constantly reaching for it in my closet and bring it with me everywhere I go. This bag is 100% my go-to bag. Its Mineral Blue color, the numerous functions it has, the sustainable vegan leather it is made out of...I mean, COME ON! Right when you think the bag cannot possibly get better, it does! Its exterior pockets with card slots, its detachable strap, its overall chic appearance: I rue the days before I owned this purse!!!

Caitlin Tote Small in Mineral Blue

Shopping for my mom was a piece of cake this year. I just knew I had to gift my mom a Pixie Mood tote. We are inseparable (which I am so incredibly grateful for) but we also think in much of the same ways. We both love blue, we shop at similar stores, and we both believe firmly in shopping sustainably whenever we can! Pixie Mood is great about sustainable initiatives. Their bags are made through a less intense manufacturing process and contain recycled materials. All in all, a shopping experience my mom and I can fully get behind. No guilt involved whatsoever!

My mom does not know it yet, but I am replacing her old, shabby purse (she was in DESPERATE need of a new one) with a Caitlin Tote Small in gorgeous Mineral Blue too! It’s all wrapped up under the tree and the anticipation of her opening it is KILLING me! In our house, we celebrate Christmas until January 12th. Thanks to Pixie Mood, the relaxation and excitement of the holidays does not have to end on the 25th and it will not! This tote is going to last all year long and for the years to come.



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